Lin - Confidence and Clarity 

Liz's coaching has had a massive impact on how I live my everyday life. I've been less full of doubt and so much happier with the decisions I make – for example, my most recent decision to start a family! 

Thanks to Liz, I'm currently on the right path and very happy with where I'm going. I appreciate Liz's ability to connect the 'abstract stuff' with more practical actions. It was also important for me to feel at ease in the coaching situation, and Liz provides that with her bright personality and honesty …

Even though it’s been several years now since we worked together, I still regularly review the documents we made when making important life decisions.

Kim – Break Through Programme

Before coaching with Liz, I found it really hard figure out how I was feeling or what was going on inside me. Now, I'm now much better at figuring out what emotions I'm feeling, allowing myself to feel them, and then … letting them simply dissipate!

I instinctively trusted Liz to lead me through, and she more than delivered on what was promised on her website. I found the regularity of the programme really valuable, and I was able to see the improvement step-by-step after each session.

It's been useful on every level – not only on how I feel, but on how productive I am and how happy the rest of my family is. My communication has improved, both at work and with my husband, and the dynamics in our house are way better because I’m no longer stressing out as a Mum!  We have simplified our lives so much this year, and our house is so much calmer. I now know that just because I can doesn't mean I should, and I've actually been saying no to things for the first time ever! 

The most effective tool for me has been the Nurturing Parent – learning to be kind to myself. I now also stand up for myself more. For example, my current job was quite a sought after role, so I had to really fight for it. But I was able to be really confident in the interview, and was much more able to sell myself compared to before. I honestly didn't realise how many different facets of my life would be improved through taking the programme. It's been awesome.

Craig - relationships and Communication

Liz made me feel at ease from the very first session. She is easy to talk to, and I have left every session on a real high and excited about the future. During our time together I worked through a very difficult break-up. Liz helped me learn to embrace, experience, and express my emotions as they arise, with the result that I’m extremely happy with my behaviours and communication during the break-up.

I’ve experienced lots of personal growth as a result of our coaching. I now have a more positive outlook on all aspects of my life, and deal with emotional hiccups in a much better way. I now know how to deal with my emotions, and improve my communication when things aren’t going to plan and feelings are running high. My outlook on life has changed from been very planned and time focused to now enjoying the moment and living a relaxed happy life.

I cannot thank Liz enough for the amazing impact she has and continues to have on my life. I look forward to each session and the better person that I become after each one. The ongoing notes help to reinforce each sessions key learnings.

Liz, you were able to pick up on my needs and knew what to do when I was struggling to tap into myself. Everything – the way you communicate and guide and don't judge – really made me comfortable. 

Identifying my limiting stories has been a huge stepping stone. It was like a cob web had been cleared. I could see everything for what it was and how it had been affecting the way I thought for most of my life. I discovered I've been hiding, and not many people know the real me that well, or if at all. 

Uncovering my passions has made life feel less of a struggle, and more filled with joy and ease ... like an inner peace. My day starts and ends different ... and everything in between. I'm truly living, and I make that choice, and it feels incredible.

The anchors we defined together help me centre myself, and look at situations from a loving place of understanding, which allows me to make better choices. In everything, they help me stay true to who I am. 

All I can say to others thinking about doing the Break Through programme: if you want to start making changes to your every day life so you can truly live your dreams, or just to find out what they are, then take this as the best investment you will ever make. You'll learn to give yourself what you truly need, so you can live the life you want and deserve.

Caitlin – Break Through Programme

Liz has honestly brought me back to life. As a result of our coaching, I've gone from feeling lost and off balance in life, to feeling more in control, more free, and above all else, more loved. 

I no longer feel despair and helplessness like I did before we did the Break Through programme together. After each session, I felt excited and hopeful for the future, and more like I could take on the confronting obstacles in my life. I have learnt soooo many things and they pop into my head every day, but what I always have underlying every thought is that I am loved. No matter what. 

Liz was able to keep me on track and made sure that I stayed focused and accountable throughout the process, and I'm so grateful for that because it means we never waste time. 

I know I can talk to Liz about anything and that her door is always open. She genuinely cares about me as a person and speaks in my language so that I always understand. Her working space is lovely and comforting too! It's a little retreat in all the chaos :).

Oly - confidence and career

Before I started coaching I felt lost and disempowered and contacted Liz to shed some light. Now? I've found a new job in a new country which is the exact role that I want. 

More than the job, I've been able to courageously live my passion. Before as the sole income earner in my family, it was those everyday worries that restricted me. I was always thinking: 'If I changed my job, what if I lost it? How would I feed my family?' But now I haven't just changed jobs, I've changed discipline and expertise as well. And it was really about overcoming all those negative beliefs that were holding me back and having confidence. And that is what has helped me to land the job – I actually believed I could do it in the first place! 

The most valuable tool I learnt was understanding the parts of myself. It's given me really clear perspective and insight into the causes of my emotions and actions, and given me the ability to work together with those aspects of myself instead of against them. I don't beat myself up anymore, and I feel that I have the tools and resources to handle many situations in my life, especially interpersonal or psychological ones. 

To anyone who is unsure about seeing a life coach – Liz is incredibly kind and considerate. She is just there. 

Coaching is different from other services where the person is often trying to lead you somewhere. It's hard to explain it in words, but it's a personal journey that you need to go through with a good facilitator who understands and can help you out. With Liz I can honestly say you've got that. She is passionate about life coaching, and it really makes a difference. It's been fun – a really fun journey!

Anna - getting unstuck, finding joy

Coaching with Liz has been a life-changer. I came into her office feeling stuck – like there was a wall stopping me – but I’ve now climbed over that wall, and have been able to connect with a truer version of myself. My overall contentment in life has increased, and I’m filled with huge sense of thrill and excitement for where I’m headed next! 

In every session we focused on one particular thing and defined a take-away at the end. Liz could see what I couldn’t see, and took me places I didn’t know I needed to be taken. Even when we were doing deep work, she managed to give really practical guidance, and it was the type of guidance that you actually used throughout the week, not just said you would!

Learning how to engage with my emotions was a big take-away. It’s incredibly cleansing to give myself permission to feel my emotions as they come up, and shift the negative thoughts that had been running through my head, like a hamster on a wheel. It’s crazy to think I was carrying all that around for 35 years! 

I've also improved my relationships – I know which ones are toxic and should be avoided, and which ones I really want in my life as well. This means that I can really trust my intuition when meeting new people, and can stop closing myself off from the world. 

Liz gave me permission to like myself and orient my life around joy. It’s been awesome and I've learnt a lot. I carry her on my shoulder now, everywhere I go!

Sanna - clarity and purpose 

One of Liz's first questions to me was ‘So what do you want?’ This question is both incredibly difficult and simple at the same time. How often are we asked that and are given the time and space to answer? As a mother – never! It was thrilling for me. I knew that Liz was the right person to help me on my new path of self-acceptance and finding the journey that I wanted to stay on (as opposed to finding something to ‘do’ then giving up when it became too stressful). 

Together we explored all the different sides there are to being me, which was such a revelation. The biggest take-home message for me what that ‘I get to choose. I always get to choose.’ Choosing which side of myself to listen to during trying circumstances and choosing when to relax without guilt – the message I got loud and clear from Liz was that I Am Worth It no matter what. 

Working and playing alongside Liz has left me with more confidence and less stress. I no longer waste time on things/people/situations that don’t benefit me or help me on the path I want to travel. I now embrace all my ‘Sanna-ness’ wholly, without a doubt. This has been the most refreshing scenario to find myself in as a woman, as a wife, as a friend, and as a mother. 

If you know there is ‘something else’ to being you, whether it be personal or professional, I cannot recommend Liz more highly to help you on your journey.

Liz asked me a very valuable question before starting our sessions, if I could be completely vulnerable and honest with her and my answers. This required me to let my walls down and place 100% trust in her, which was scary to begin with but became very easy.

Liz was kind hearted, gentle, understanding, honest, non-judgmental, compassionate, and empathetic. After each session, I would feel a total weight lifted off my shoulders. My fears and doubts seemed so silly after a while, which is when I soon realized that I didn’t need them ruling my life anymore.

Our sessions were the highlights of my week. I always came away feeling free, confident, and motivated. My little dream book was filling up again and I was feeling proud of my achievements. My friends around me have noticed my changes and mentioned that I look happy again. 

Liz not only gave me the mental tools to assist me in dealing with situations but also helped me grow as a person. Her office was always inviting and a safe space to open up free of judgments. I was not in a good place when I started but now I feel full of energy, optimism, confidence, and happiness. From our sessions I have overcome a lot of things and taken some bold steps. I have also started a business of my own and have been meeting new clients.

Lani - Building confidence

Before I met Liz I had never even considered getting a life coach. I was, however, struggling to find meaning in my day to day working life and finding it hard to find my path to change. Liz was amazing at helping me to come to my own realisations. At helping me find confidence and courage within myself.

Speaking with Liz helped me put my finger on those things that were holding me back and to identify the right steps to move forward. I thoroughly enjoyed our sessions together and looked forward to them each week.

I have now taken some critical first steps in the journey to starting my own start-up; something I certainly didn't have the confidence to do before, especially due to my obligations as mother of two young children. I cannot thank Liz enough for her part in awakening this in me. So much of success is down to mindset and self-awareness and this is where Liz has made a massive difference in my life.

Evan - confidence and sense of self

When I started coaching with Liz, my life had hit rock bottom. I felt broken, and I was losing who I was and who I wanted to be.

With Liz I was able to come to understand my thought processes. She helped me find a deeper understanding of who I am. I now have so much more confidence in myself and I’m willing to put myself ‘out there.’

I’m in a new job now and much much happier. I know what characteristics are important to me - within myself and others.


Brian - Mindset and attituDe

My coaching with Liz has become a central part of my life and has helped me shift my attitudes to myself, my work and my relationships. 

I came to Liz during a time where work issues and dynamics in my personal life were crushing my view of the world until I could hardly see a way forward, but with the patience and techniques that Liz was able to teach as well as an ineffable amount of care, I was able to come to terms with my situation and take control of my life again.

I highly recommend Liz's coaching to anyone. Take some time to sit with this little bundle of positivity and work on yourself with Liz. You will not regret a moment believe me :)

Bernhard - Setting and reaching goals

I had three sessions with Liz, which have helped me to become aware of my goals, my situation, my blockers, and my drivers.

Just having the sessions has engaged me in thinking differently. I've learnt not push things out into the future, but to make things happen soon. Not to push too hard, and not just focus on the goal, but to make things happen partially. This is a great learning for me – that it's not just either-or, but it can be incremental. 

I also learnt to separate the what and the how. This is what I do at work when doing my project life, and I see now how I could apply that to my daily life more too. 

I appreciate Liz's ability to tickle out things for me – things that I do think about but only for a little each time. Having it all compacted into one hour, I realise that there are a lot of different interests competing for my time, and I can start to organise that in my life.

TanAEl - PASSION and purpose

Liz, nothing I can write here has been able to come close to justifying how much I appreciate the sessions we had. Although at times I was uncomfortable in assessing myself so deeply, you allowed me the space and insisted the importance of really concentrating on me. A feeling that has been foreign to me my whole life.

Since our talks, I am more comfortable and confident with talking to myself and being honest about how I really feel about my life. This isn't always easy, but it's so rewarding in the end.

When I came to you, I'd reached a point in my life where everything I did felt like drudgery. I didn't know who I was anymore. All the things that used to bring me joy were lacklustre. I had no idea what I was fighting for anymore.

The most effective tools we explored together were visualisations. Being able to explore some of my inner motivations and inner critics with imagery was highly effective in tackling my inner dialogue that had been largely unnoticed throughout the years.

Liz, I just wish we could have had more time together! You helped me align my actions with my deepest values, and I have come out of our coaching sessions feeling invigorated and empowered. Thank you.


Liz helped me become more truthfully connected to my inner emotions and thoughts, and as a result, my life has improved. I feel more positive and focused, and have a much better understanding of my strengths and weaknesses.

Liz’s coaching feels safe and supportive, and I really appreciated her firm and direct approach.

Hayley - Confidence and decision-Making


Coaching with Liz provided me with a solid foundation for big life choices, meaning I’m more secure in my decisions and excited about life. I’m happier and more confident now because I know what I want from life. 

I would absolutely recommend her to others with 100% confidence.