Liz’s coaching has had a massive impact on how I live my everyday life. I’ve been less full of doubt and so much happier with the decisions I make. Thanks to Liz, I’m currently on the right path and very happy with where I’m going. Even though it’s been several years now since we worked together, I still regularly review the documents we made when making important life decisions.
— Lin: Confidence & Clarity
Liz helped me learn to embrace, experience, and express my emotions as they arise, with the result that I’m extremely happy with my behaviours and communication during a recent break-up … My outlook on life has changed from been very planned and time focused to now enjoying the moment and living a relaxed happy life. I cannot thank Liz enough for the amazing impact she has and continues to have on my life.
— Craig: Relationships & Communication
I instinctively trusted Liz to lead me through, and she more than delivered on what was promised on her website. It’s been useful on every level – not only on how I feel, but on how productive I am and how happy the rest of my family is … We have simplified our lives so much this year, and our house is so much calmer ... I honestly didn’t realise how many different facets of my life would be improved through taking the Break Through Programme. It’s been awesome.
— Kim: Break Through Programme
Coaching with Liz provided me with a solid foundation for big life choices, meaning I’m more secure in my decisions and excited about life. I’m happier and more confident now because I know what I want from life. I would absolutely recommend her to others with 100% confidence.
— Hayley: Clarity and confidence
[Coaching with Liz has] given me really clear perspective and insight into the causes of my emotions and actions, and given me the ability to work together with those aspects of myself instead of against them … To anyone who is unsure about seeing a life coach – Liz is incredibly kind and considerate. She is just there. Coaching is different from other services where the person is often trying to lead you somewhere. It’s a personal journey that you need to go through with a good facilitator who understands and can help you out. With Liz I can honestly say you’ve got that.
— Oly: Confidence & Career
Life feels less of a struggle, and more filled with joy and ease - like an inner peace. My day starts and ends different ... and everything in between. I’m truly living, and I make that choice, and it feels incredible. If you want to start making changes to your every day life so you can truly live your dreams – or just to find out what they are – then this programme is the best investment you will ever make. 
— Trudie: Break Through Programme
My coaching with Liz has become a central part of my life and has helped me shift my attitudes to myself, my work and my relationships … Take some time to sit with this little bundle of positivity and work on yourself with Liz. You will not regret a moment believe me :)
— Brian: Mindset & Attitude
Liz has honestly brought me back to life. As a result of our coaching, I’ve gone from feeling lost and off balance in life, to feeling more in control, more free, and above all else, more loved … I know I can talk to Liz about anything and that her door is always open. She genuinely cares about me as a person and speaks in my language so that I always understand. Her working space is lovely and comforting too! It’s a little retreat in all the chaos :).
— Caitlin: Break Through Programme
Liz was kind hearted, gentle, understanding, honest, non-judgmental, compassionate, and empathetic. After each session, I would feel a total weight lifted off my shoulders. My fears and doubts seemed so silly after a while, which is when I soon realized that I didn’t need them ruling my life anymore.
— Sophie: Break Through Programme
Coaching with Liz has been a life-changer … Liz could see what I couldn’t see, and took me places I didn’t know I needed to be taken. Even when we were doing deep work, she managed to give really practical guidance, and it was the type of guidance that you actually used throughout the week, not just said you would! Liz gave me permission to like myself and orient my life around joy … I came into her office feeling stuck – like there was a wall stopping me – but I’ve now climbed over that wall, and have been able to connect with a truer version of myself.
— Anna: Getting Unstuck & Finding Joy
Working and playing alongside Liz has left me with more confidence and less stress. I no longer waste time on things/people/situations that don’t benefit me or help me on the path I want to travel. I now embrace all my ‘Sanna-ness’ wholly, without a doubt. This has been the most refreshing scenario to find myself in as a woman, as a wife, as a friend, and as a mother. 
— Sanna: Clarity & Purpose
Speaking with Liz helped me put my finger on those things that were holding me back and to identify the right steps to move forward … So much of success is down to mindset and self-awareness and this is where Liz has made a massive difference in my life.
— Lani: Building Confidence
When I started coaching with Liz, my life had hit rock bottom ... With Liz I was able to come to understand my thought processes. She helped me find a deeper understanding of who I am. I now have so much more confidence in myself and I’m willing to put myself ‘out there.’ I’m in a new job now and much much happier. I know what characteristics are important to me - within myself and others.
— Evan: Confidence & Sense of Self
Liz, nothing I can write here has been able to come close to justifying how much I appreciate the sessions we had … You allowed me the space and insisted the importance of really concentrating on me ... When I came to you, I’d reached a point in my life where everything I did felt like drudgery. I didn’t know who I was anymore. You helped me align my actions with my deepest values, and I have come out of our coaching sessions feeling invigorated and empowered. Thank you.
— Taneal: Passion & Purpose