Discover your core passions and move beyond your old, limiting stories

Liz Busch, Certified Professional Life Coach

Liz Busch, Certified Professional Life Coach

I became a coach because I strongly believe that every single human on earth has something deeply worthwhile within them that is simply aching to be set free and expressed. 

Don't keep that part of you waiting any longer. 

Give yourself the tools and awareness you need to live more fully, more authentically, and more joyfully as yourself. Because the truth is, if we all did this, our society would be a stronger, better, more vibrant place to live in. 

    Being in the Break Through program has been deeply inspiring and eye-opening. Thanks to my work with Liz, I finally understand why I feel certain things that have been bothering me for years, and it’s been so freeing to have access to the inner resources to make fundamentally different choices in life.
    — Sophie, Auckland

    Understand exactly what's been blocking you

    Based on over 30 years of groundwork by master coaches Leza Danly and Jeanine Mancusi, the Break Through to Your Great Story programme consists of a supportive three step process that will guide you in how to: 

    1. Understand the genesis of repeated self-sabotaging thoughts, feelings, and behaviours, and how to bust past them, permanently.
    2. Identify the powerful hidden passions you've been unconsciously avoiding your entire adult life. 
    3. Consciously create a brighter future by shifting your habits, mindset, and beliefs to be more in alignment with your highest self.  

    The reason this programme is so successful is because it focuses on your specific unconscious blocks, and provides a blueprint and tools for you to dismantle them, one-by-one.   

    Instead of wasting your time and money on generic programmes or books that leave it up to you to try to ferret out your own unconscious blocks, let yourself be guided be guided step-by-step into a deeper connection with your own unique strengths, weaknesses, possibilities, and blocks.  

    My role as a Great Story coach is to pinpoint your blind-spots – to compassionately guide you to dismantle the limiting beliefs, thoughts, and emotions that are cluttering up your life. More than this, I'll practically guide you in how to courageously connect with your own deep sense of passion and fulfilment in life. 

    I instinctively trusted Liz to lead me through, and she more than delivered on what was promised on her website. I found the regularity of the program really valuable, and I was able to see the improvement step-by-step after each session ... 

    It’s been useful on every level – not only on how I feel, but on how productive I am and how happy the rest of my family is. I honestly didn’t realise how many different facets of my life would be improved through taking the programme. It’s been awesome.
    — Kim, Auckland

    Ask yourself: 

    • What is possible for me in my lifetime? 
    • What do I really want to achieve with my time here on earth? 
    • What will bring a true sense of fulfilment and joy into my life? 
    • And what do I need in order to get from where I am to where I want to go? 

    Although it sometimes feels easier to shy away from such questions, learning how to navigate them from a place of empowerment is truly the stuff of life. 

    Throw off the bowlines! (I'll show you how)

    Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.
    — Mark Twain

    Yes Mr. Twain, we get it. We are supposed to be living fully and facing our fears and adventuring and stuff ...  

    But HOW? 

    How do we develop the intellectual, emotional, and spiritual capabilities that will allow us to trust ourselves, and stand tall, and cast off on this great adventure called life? 

    How the Breakthrough Programme will prepare you for your biggest journey yet ... 

    Expand your potential to live a fulfilling life by learning how to: 

    • Identify the limiting internal narratives that have been playing out in your life over decades, and replace them with a set of empowered narratives that are aligned with your full potential. 

    • Ground your life in a sense of emotional resiliency. Using a framework of 21 human emotions, we’ll identify your emotional ‘comfort zone,’ and work to expand it so you can become more flexible and responsive in life. 

    • Learn to make empowered choices. Understand the specific ways which you've been holding yourself back, and use a 4-step Responsibility Model to start making choices that are fully aligned with your highest self.

    • Come home to a sense of wholeness, confidence, and peace. Connect with the parts of yourself that have suffered in silence or been marginalised. Get off the hamster wheel of distractions and excessive doing, and discover what it feels like to just be you.   

    • Create a personal map of your Great Story to guide you moving forward. Identify a set of practical anchors, based on your true passions and natural strengths, that will bring you back to a sense of purpose whenever you feel lost. 

    • Learn to creatively engage with your brightest future each day. Solidly ground your new motivations in your daily life and implement your Great Story through day-to-day habits. 

    This is a highly practical programme. Come away from each session feeling supported, and with the tools you need to fundamentally shift how you live your life. 

    What you get: 

    • Weekly or bi-weekly coaching sessions with Liz, conducted in person or over the phone (International clients welcome). The number of sessions will depend on the package you choose, but the basic package includes 10 one-on-one coaching sessions. 
    • Regular reflective exercises to keep you firmly on the path of radical personal change. 
    • Access to the powerful Great Story blueprint for personal development, and training on how to use it. 
    • Unlimited email support to attend to any questions or niggles between sessions. 
    I no longer feel despair and helplessness like I did before we did the Break Through program together. After each session, I felt excited and hopeful for the future, and more like I could take on the confronting obstacles in my life. I have learnt soooo many things and they pop into my head every day, but what I always have underlying every thought is that I am loved. No matter what.
    — Caitlin, Auckland