Hi, I’m Liz. Certified Professional Life Coach, Lucid Living Great Story Coach, and TLC Affiliate Coach. 

I’m a world-traveller, writer, mother, and wife. I have a Master's in Psychology, a Bachelor's in Human-Computer Interaction, and a career working in IT as a User Experience Researcher (I study people for a living). 

I’m deeply familiar with the terrain of personal growth, and thrilled to bring together a truly unique body of knowledge that will allow you to find your centre, speak your truth, and create a full and vibrant life doing what you love.

As a coach, I bring a depth of humour, respect, perspective, and compassion that will buoy you and give you hope, even as we take a thrilling deep dive into who you are and what is blocking you from living life exactly how you want. 

My Story

I've always been a seeker. As a child I was full of questions, and as a young adult I was extremely serious about my quest to 'figure it all out.' I spent my twenties obsessed with living a full life – and I did! I studied, partied, and travelled to the US, Canada, and Europe on scholarships or for work. 

In Berlin, pretending I'm fine

In Berlin, pretending I'm fine

At the age of 27 I was working for Nokia Gate5 in Berlin as a Senior Researcher. This was supposedly my dream job – an exciting research position I'd been so excited to nab – but in reality I was miserable.    

'You have to GO for it!' I kept telling myself. 'You can't just let life pass you by. You have to LIVE!' 

By then, however, I was on my way to burn out. I’d lost my passion for my work, and it drove me crazy knowing that all the effort I was putting into my career wasn't bringing me the fulfilment I desired.

I just knew things could be different, but couldn't quite figure how to turn my life around. So in September 2010 I decided to quit my job, sell my belongings, and join my boyfriend Axel on his quest to sail across the Pacific Ocean.  

At the time, I felt it was my only option. To escape! To do something completely different! 

It wasn't my only option, I've since learnt. At the time, however, I felt so compellingly stuck, and … well okay, I admit it, a huge driver was the romantic in me who got all starry-eyed at the idea of packing it all in and traveling the world with my best friend!  

Long story short – what was supposed to be a three month travel break before returning to work, became a two year adventure of reflection and self-discovery. 

Enjoying the sunset while sailing from Puerto Rico to Columbia

Enjoying the sunset while sailing from Puerto Rico to Columbia

I took that time to write, and to read profusely about mindfulness, personal growth, meditation, self-help, and spirituality. And while there was a lot that I learnt during this time, the two most important lessons can be summed up in two bullet points: 

  • It doesn't matter what you do, only why and how. 
  • If you don't have a good relationship with yourself and with the world, you will never be happy, no matter what your life looks like on the outside.

I realised during my travels that I'd been chasing a phantom. I realised I could never get what I wanted the way I was trying to get it, because everything I did was driven by a frightening sense of disconnect within myself – one that I had absolutely no clue how to address. 

It was with this realisation in mind that I arrived back in New Zealand in 2012. 

After some amount of negotiation (I never thought I would get married!) Axel and I tied the knot, bought an apartment together and made plans to start a family. At the time I was working as an IT consultant, but while things were going well for me on the outside, this was truly a crushing time in my life. My mind and emotions were constantly spinning – trying to figure out what I should be DOING with myself.  

Around that time I discovered life coaching. I saw a coach myself (and have been seeing one ever since!), and got a real sense for how the profession could be a conduit for all the experience and knowledge I’d gathered as a psychologist, researcher, and meaning-seeker over the years.  

I took a year to become a Certified Coach with the International Coaches Federation, after which I followed the breadcrumbs of my interest to find a small but growing movement of coaches around the world using phrases like 'creating alignment,’ 'expanding consciousness,' and (my all time favourite) ‘soulfulness' in their work. 

Since then, I’ve been on the humbling journey of taking greater and greater responsibility for the passions residing in my soul, and learning to use my talents to make those passions tangible in the world.

Axel and Arno (that face!) <3

Axel and Arno (that face!) <3

Included in that has been the thrilling (read: terrifying! :P) journey of motherhood and strengthening my marriage, with my strong-willed son being born in December 2014.

In 2015 I signed up for the Break Through to Your Great Story programme with Leza Danly and Jeanine Mancusi, almost on a whim. But it was through that deep work that I found the missing perspectives and skills that allowed me to release the painful 'separation paradigm' that had been driving me to distraction since youth.

The haze which had been clouding my emotions and thoughts finally cleared through this work.

By learning how to work with my own 'Raw Materials' (i.e. my perspectives, beliefs, attitudes, feelings, thoughts, decisions, and choices), I learnt to release the need to 'figure it all out.' I released the need to prove my worthiness in the world, as well as the unconscious need to protect myself by holding my true passions and happiness at arms distance. I learnt to enjoy my life, and finally gave myself permission to focus on the kind of work I believe is most important in the world. 

Life: an exercise in living from passion rather than fear

Life: an exercise in living from passion rather than fear

The most exciting thing in my life right now is developing my deep and thrumming vision of living in a more connected and soulful world. Part of which has involved re-engaging with my career in IT from a place of passion and purpose, rather than striving and stress. 

I've built up this coaching business as a rich resource for anyone searching to find and claim their rightful sense of happiness and connection in life – a space of calming wisdom and hope, where you can bring all of your questions, emotions, confusions, energies, fears, doubts, and complexities, and have them heard, honoured, and attended to. 

Beneath everything I do lies a deep commitment to supporting each of my clients so powerfully and practically, that all courageousness and love (that already exists within them) can't help but bubble up and propel them towards their empowered passions, and away from their limiting fears.  

And gosh there is so much more I could write here, but perhaps it’s best to stop.

If my story and message speak to you, then do get in touch. Let this be the first small step towards your empowered self that opens up a lifetime of possibilities ...  

With love, passion, and commitment, 
 - Liz Busch