Hi, I’m Liz – Certified Professional Life Coach and Lucid Living Great Story Coach. 

Based on my training with the Internationally Certified Leadership That Works program, my approach revolves around the goal of awakening your personal power so that you can live a more fulfilling life.

Born in New Zealand, I've studied and worked in the United States, Canada, Germany. I have a Master's in Psychology, a Bachelor's in Human-Computer Interaction, and have worked as a senior user researcher for several multi-national companies. 

 Enjoying the sunset while sailing from Puerto Rico to Columbia

Enjoying the sunset while sailing from Puerto Rico to Columbia

In 2009 I quit my well paid IT job at Nokia in Berlin, sold my belongings, and joined my boyfriend (now husband and father of my child!) on a 12-metre yacht to sail across the Pacific for over a year.

The lessons I learnt during those years 'off the grid' have to do with perspective, ownership, emotion, depth, creativity, soul, and the importance of creating your own meaning in life.

It was on that trip that I realised I was going about things the wrong way – looking for external achievements to fill the gap I felt within myself.

It was with this realisation that I was able to get of the 'hamster wheel of doing,' and start applying myself to the skills and perspectives of true connection and fulfilment instead.   

If you know there is ‘something else’ to being you, whether it be personal or professional, I cannot recommend Liz more highly to help you on your journey.
— Sanna

The most exciting thing in my life right now is developing my deep and thrumming vision of living in a more connected and soulful world.

I became a life coach is because I believe that everyone needs and deserves a masterful guide along the path to fulfilment and transformation. 

When we are struggling in life, it's because we have reached the limits of what our upbringing and natural focus of attention has taught us. It's time for something different – it's time to make space for something new ... 

As a coach I promise to bring a depth of humour, respect, perspective, and compassion into each of our sessions. I promise to always take a stand for your higher goals, call out the things that are keeping you stuck, and provide the time and space for you to discover what's truly going to make you feel more alive!

I instinctively trusted Liz to lead me through, and she more than delivered on what was promised on her website ... It’s been useful on every level – not only on how I feel, but on how productive I am and how happy the rest of my family is.

... I honestly didn’t realise how many different facets of my life would be improved through taking the programme. It’s been awesome.
— Kim

Starting 2015 I attended two Break Through to Your Great Story courses with Leza Danly and Jeanine Mancusi. These courses have been incredibly transformative for me. They have brought a level of emotional and spiritual richness into my coaching practice, and helped me step away from the limits of your traditional 'set-and-reach-goals' style of life coaching.

I've also recently returned to my work in IT, but with a completely different orientation – working from a place of joy and passion for creation, rather than feeling stuck in a state of stress.  

If my story and message speak to you, then do get in touch. Let this be the first small step towards your empowered self that opens up a lifetime of possibilities! 

With love, passion, and commitment, 
 - Elizabeth Busch