Hi, I’m Liz. I'm a Certified Professional Life Coach, Lucid Living Great Story Coach, affiliate coach with The Life Coach, Auckland. I'm deeply passionate about serving and supporting my fellow humans, and have a soft spot for people dreaming of change.

Based on my training with the ICF Certified Leadership That Works program, my approach revolves around the goal of awakening your personal power so that you can live a connected, authentic, and purpose-driven life.

Born in Wellington, New Zealand, I have studied and
worked in the United States, Canada, Germany, and am now back in New
Zealand, working and raising a family. I've completed a Master's in Psychology, a
Bachelor's in Human-Computer Interaction, and worked as a senior
user researcher for several multi-national companies (My job: studying people for a living!). 

Seven years ago one sunny September day, I quit my well paid IT job at Nokia
in Berlin, sold my belongings, and joined my boyfriend (now husband) on a 12-meter yacht to sail across the Pacific.

This decision was a long time coming, but it consolidated a basic principle that I strive to embody in life:

Dare to do it! Whatever it is in your heart that you are dreaming of – even if it's currently just an inkling of an idea of a dream – move towards it!

This doesn’t mean you have to quit your job and live on a boat (unless you want to, that is :-)! What I’m asking is that you dare to live your life with intent. I’m asking you to be bold. Be frightened. Make mistakes. Be stupid, even. And more than that, to be kind and compassionate to yourself throughout it all.

Never believe it’s necessary to stay stuck in a place of confusion or regret. I became a life coach because I believe that everyone needs and deserves a masterful guide along the path to change.

I fully understand the amount of trust and resolve it takes to hire a coach, and I know just how much courage it takes to commit to creating a better life for yourself. 

Enjoying the sunset while sailing from Puerto Rico to Columbia

Enjoying the sunset while sailing from Puerto Rico to Columbia

For my part, I promise to bring a depth of humour, respect, perspective, and compassion into our coaching together. I'm here to buoy you and give you hope, even as we take a thrilling deep dive into who you are, and what's blocking you from creating the life you want.

I’m proud to bring together a truly unique body of knowledge around personal growth that will help you find your centre, speak your truth, and create a full and vibrant life doing what you love.

Starting 2015, I also attended two amazing Break Through to Your Great Story courses with Leza Danly and Jeanine Mancusi. These courses have been incredibly transformative for me. They have brought a level of emotional and spiritual richness into my coaching practice, and and helped me step away from the limits of your traditional 'set-and-reach-goals' style of life coaching.

So ... if my story and message speak to you, then do get in touch. Let this be the first small step towards your empowered self that opens up a lifetime of possibilities!

With love, passion, and commitment, 
 - Elizabeth Busch