Hi, I’m Liz.


It’s my passion and calling to help anyone stuck, frustrated, or dissatisfied with their life to bust out of their rut and connect with their higher self.

What floats my boat?

Courage, growth, and fun.

Importantly, I don’t put up with any bullshit. If you come into my office, expect to be lovingly challenged. Expect a level of compassion that will nourish your soul and inspire you to be more. Expect to be asked uncomfortable – but essential – questions about how you are showing up for yourself. And expect to be surprised by the exciting journey we will travel together as you learn to joyfully own and express the more of who you are.

If you know there is ‘something else’ to being you, whether it be personal or professional, I cannot recommend Liz more highly to help you on your journey.
— Sanna

What’s my special sauce?

One thing I’m most definitely NOT is your traditional 'set-and-reach-goals' type of coach – it’s an approach that will often work for a while, but which fails to create transformation in life over time. I’m not interested in band-aid solutions.

What I AM is a coach who will stand up for your higher self. I’ll speak in a language that will bust through the haze, give you the tools to break free from whatever ‘inner crap’ has been holding you back.

I’m passionate about helping each of my clients:

  • Nourish and support themselves on the journey of achieving their higher potential.

  • Let go of limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging mindsets.

  • Step into empowerment and possibility, rather than staying stuck in doubt, worry, or fear.

  • Develop a sense of conviction, purpose, and self-assurance that will serve them for life.

And basically, if some part of you (whether small or big) is saying FUCK YEAH to the bullet points above, then I’d encourage you to arrange a free ‘Get Connected’ Consultation with me today (in person or over the phone). It’s risk free, and will give you a powerful sense of who I am and what I offer.

Other things to know about me …

On the way from Puerto Rico to Columbia

On the way from Puerto Rico to Columbia

  • I’m German-British-Chinese-Malaysian … but born in beautiful New Zealand <3

  • I suffered from depression in my youth and saw numerous therapists and life coaches on my journey to rediscovering passion.

  • I’ve studied and worked in New Jersey, Canada, and Germany.

  • I spent 1.5 years sailing across the Caribbean and Pacific – part of a whole, ‘quit my job and find myself’ jag which was partially successful at the time (therapists and life coaches came after :p).

  • I studied to became a life coach in 2014 because I believe that everyone needs and deserves a masterful guide along the path to fulfilment and transformation. Having struggled alone for so many years, I’ve since learnt that I didn’t have to. I read too many books on personal growth, and shelled out a lot of money for coaches and courses with out a significant shift in how I lived my life. For that reason I’ve worked so hard to simplify and summarise the process of change, and give my clients exactly what they need to bust through their resistance.

  • I live in the Auckland city centre (New Zealand) with my husband and son. I work in the IT industry in addition to my work as a coach, and thrive on the balance between personal fulfilment (coaching) and professional achievement (designing digital technologies & supporting organisational change). 

  • The words I love the most: perspective, ownership, creativity, soul, alignment, and purpose.

I instinctively trusted Liz to lead me through, and she more than delivered on what was promised on her website. It’s been useful on every level – not only on how I feel, but on how productive I am and how happy the rest of my family is. I honestly didn’t realise how many different facets of my life would be improved through taking the programme.
— Kim