Unlock the emotional resilience and empowered mindset that will enable you to truly thrive. 

Liz Busch, Certified Professional Life Coach

Liz Busch, Certified Professional Life Coach

  • Do you have a clear vision of what you want and where you're headed?

  • Are you steady on your feet and courageous in how you live?

  • Do you know how to powerfully support yourself and make empowered choices, even under stress? 

If not, then self-connection life coaching might be just what you need to break through to a more fulfilling way of life.  

If you want to get into a fantastic frame of mind, improve your relationships, and connect with parts of yourself you’ve never connected with before, then sign up with Liz … this is deep work that opens up so many possibilities in life. Well worth the investment.
— Trudie

What could you gain from self-connection life coaching?

Understand and work with your emotions

Identify your 'emotional comfort zone’ using a powerful framework of 21 human emotions, and learn to expand it so you can make better choices during times of stress. 

Connect with your passions and purpose

Ground your life in what's most important. Learn how to take a stand for your core values and desires, and courageously follow your passions with joy.

Stop existing and start living 

Yes I did just quote Michael Jackson in my marketing copy. The thing is, we should listen to the King of Pop. Let go of limited or reactionary ways of being, and start engaging with the things that make life worth living instead. 

Liz, nothing I can write here has been able to come close to justifying how much I appreciate the sessions we had ... You helped me align my actions with my deepest values, and I have come out of our coaching sessions feeling invigorated and empowered. Thank you.
— Tanael
Learning how to engage with my emotions was a big take-away. It’s incredibly cleansing to give myself permission to feel my emotions as they come up, and shift the negative thoughts that had been running through my head, like a hamster on a wheel. It’s crazy to think I was carrying all that around for 35 years!
— Anna
[Through working with Liz] I’ve been able to courageously live my passion. Before as the sole income earner in my family, it was those everyday worries that restricted me. I was always thinking: ‘If I changed my job, what if I lost it? How would I feed my family?’

But now I haven’t just changed jobs, I’ve changed discipline and expertise as well. And it was really about overcoming all those negative beliefs that were holding me back and having confidence. And that is what has helped me to land the job – I actually believed I could do it in the first place!
— Oly

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