Why, hello there!

Welcome to the Art of Self Connection, the coaching programme dedicated to helping passionate people live authentic and fulfilling lives.

If you would like to live a bolder, more connected kind of life, but find yourself feeling lost, overwhelmed, or struggling to find your groove, then this programme might be just what you need to gain traction towards your grand designs.

You'll be amazed at how powerfully you can shift your life by setting down your old stories and engaging with a new set of internal skills. 

Find your centre, speak your truth, and live a full and vibrant life doing what you love!

If you want to get into a fantastic frame of mind, improve your relationships, and connect with parts of yourself you’ve never connected with before, then sign up with Liz … this is deep work that opens up so many possibilities in life. Well worth the investment.
— Trudie
Coaching with Liz has been a life-changer. I came into her office feeling stuck – like there was a wall stopping me – but I’ve now climbed over that wall, and have been able to connect with a truer version of myself. My overall contentment in life has increased, and I’m filled with huge sense of thrill and excitement for where I’m headed next!
— Anna
[Through working with Liz] I’ve been able to courageously live my passion. Before as the sole income earner in my family, it was those everyday worries that restricted me ... But now I haven’t just changed jobs, I’ve changed discipline and expertise as well. And it was really about overcoming all those negative beliefs that were holding me back and having confidence. And that is what has helped me to land the job – I actually believed I could do it in the first place!
— Oly

Not sure if coaching is right for you? 

The quickest way to find out is to sign up for my free 'Get Connected' consultation. 

During this 45-minute session I'll help you find clarity around your ideals and direction. Leave the call feeling refreshed, energised, and with a clearer vision of how you can start living a more empowered life. 

At the end of the call we will have a frank discussion around whether we make a good match as coach and client, as well as about whether life coaching is what you need at this point in your life. 


Hi, I'm Liz

Certified Professional Life Coach, and your potential partner in crime!

In coaching and in life, I aim for a few simple things: authenticity, happiness, meaning, and connection. 

I've dedicated my life to helping people like you find true happiness through the simple act of being themselves. 


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